Many Things to Love in Morocco


If you plan to travel in North Africa Morocco is the best place to visit with no doubt. It is a country enriched with diverse culture, food beautiful beaches. If you want to be away from your monotonous daily routine and want to unwind and experience new experiences this the place to be without a doubt. Below are few things you would love in Morocco.

Español: Urbanismo en en la medina de chaouen.
Español: Urbanismo en en la medina de chaouen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
1) Having a relaxed walk around the Chefchaouen. This lays on the right hand side of the Rif Mountains of Morocco. There is a range of hotels that are real value for money and one can enjoy the fantastic view of the scenic beauty of the area. If you stay at the old part of the town you can see the mountains from one side and the other side the buildings and the blue sky.

2) The local cuisine in Morocco is so diverse what ever your palette is used in Morocco kitchens have something to tantalise your taste buds. The local food range runs from Arabic, Middle Eastern to Turkish influences. So you can try all the various types of local food and also there are so many places where you can learn how to make your favourite dishes. So you can enjoy them even when you go back home. The culinary teachers also will give you tips where to find the required ingredients and how to know which are the best and fresh to make the best of your cooking experience.

3) Visiting a hammam also is an experience you must have if you are in Morocco. Hammams are public steam baths where you can get a good scrub, a steam and get totally refreshed. While you get pampered with a scrub and a steam bath it also gives you the chance to socialise and make conversation. Also make friends. If you are the kind of person who likes mingling with the locals and getting to know the country from its core this is an ideal place for you.

4) Having  a dinner at Djemma El Fna is one thing at least you have to do once during your visit to Morocco.  It is very conveniently housed in the middle of the Medina. The old city in Morocco is called as Medina and it is a place most visitors do not forget to visit. If you visit there in the evening few hours before the sunset you can witness lots of jugglers, musicians performing for your requests and snake charmers.

5) Your Moroccan holiday will not be complete if you did not spend one night in the Sahara desert. You will be having one of a kind experience if you spend one night in the desert. One thing you can do is explore the sandscapes of Merzouga. For those who have never been to a desert it is a magical experience and most of them do not forget to come back to experience the same as there are only very few places in the world who can enjoy this.

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