How is Moroccan cuisine?


Moroccan cuisine:

Moroccan cuisine is thought to be one of the best cuisines in the world. Moroccan recipes are well known for the variety of ingredients. The legacy has a history of hundred and thousand years that is marked by the influence of the people who lived in Morocco. There are native Moroccan dishes and there are fusion dishes as well. Today’s Moroccan cuisine is amixte of Arabic, Persian, Berber and Mediterranean recipes yet it has a unique style of its own.

Being an farming country Morocco produces a large number of plants. There are native crops and then there are those which the invaders brought with them. Moroccan dishes thus, are prepared using a variety of
Moroccan cuisine Fez
vegetables and fruits.

Dry fruits are also used in Moroccan dishes; pine nuts, resins, walnuts and almonds to name few. Not only these are used in sweet dishes but also added to meat and rice recipes.

Both red and white meat is used in Moroccan recipes. Sea food also makes an important part of the menu. A relatively uncommon type in this category is pigeon meat which is cooked as main dish or as a dessert in the form of a cake.

Spices make an important aspect of most of Moroccan dishes. Cumin, coriander, cinnamon, dried ginger and turmeric make a routine ingredient in the Moroccan recipes which not only add color and aroma to the dish but also enhance the flavor.

Cooking Fashion:

The most common way of cooking a dish is to stew it. Many of the Moroccan recipes are prepared in pottery called Tajine. The pot is set on coals and meal is prepared on its heat. The food prepared in tagine is not only nutritious but also delicious and fragrant.

Moroccan Expertise
It is almost impossible to narrate all the recommended Moroccan recipes yet there are few that are considered to be the specialties of Moroccan cuisine. Hereunder are three of the Moroccan dishes that are must on a Moroccan menu specialy in Fez city.

It is the famous Moroccan dish which is made using different vegetables and sometimes fruit.


Tajine is an aromatic stew which is prepared with red (mainly lamb) or white meat (chicken or fish). Other ingredients include olives, onions, tomatoesHealth Fitness Articles, dry fruit (almonds usually) and herbs to enrich the taste.

Harira (soup):
Harira makes an important part of the Moroccan cuisine. It is a spicy soup with tomatoes as main ingredient, and it used most daily receipes in ramadan.

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