The Best Cities To Visit in Morocco,


Visit Fez MoroccoMorocco is the heart and soul of North African beauty. Shining deserts (Sahara) of the south and east quickly become snow mountains of the Atlas range, followed by the rolling green heartland, which lowers down to the shining Atlantic and Mediterranean coast. Traveling to Morocco and wrap yourself in the warmth of the sustained Berber, Arab and African people and thousand years of their most amazing history; a history that could only take place where the areas of Africa and Europe meet thoroughly upon the Island of Gibraltar.

Morocco is a places truly worth visiting. Possibly the oldest islamic city in Morocco is Fez. Fez is also identified as
the heart of Morocco and the spiritual capital. The Old medina of Fez (Fes el-Bali) or Old Fez is one of the largest living ancient cities in the world today . The wonderful gates and walls add to the splendor of the place.

The other Moroccan city Marrakesh is well-known for its rich culture and heritage. Marrakesh is the ex-capital of morocco. Today the city is famous for its brilliant markets and festivals. To keep its visitors particularly children busy the city presents a variety of activities by magicians, snake charmers, acrobats ...

MoroccoNight life in Agadir is commonly European style, being the number one tourist vacation resort in Morocco. Moroccans see this as amazing, compared to the absence of night clubs in most Moroccan towns. Most clubs form part of hotels, but normally they welcome outdoors guests. It's unfortunate, Moroccan girls do not normally frequent night clubs until they are out working.

Spring and autumn seasons are perfect to explore the amazing city Rabat the capital of Morocco; the city demonstrates a perfect confluence of historical events and modern improvements. The atmosphere of this city is Islamic also as European in nature.

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